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Psychological Centre Fundamenta

Psychological Centre Fundamenta is a center where people with a wide variety of problems can find the help they require and deserve. It is our mission to be a guiding beacon for people who have lost their way to a satisfactory life due to their problems.

Psychological and mental problems are underestimated in our society. Often when people open up about the problems they experience, they get criticized with one-liners like “it’s all in your head” or “just do it”. There is a social belief that any mental problem can be solved with just some good will and a bit of effort. Sadly it is not that easy…

Besides helping people with the problems they experience themselves, PC Fundamenta also views it as its task to bring awareness to society as a whole, because that on its own could reduce a lot of unnecessary extra mental suffering.

We at PC Fundamenta believe that in order to successfully help someone, it is not only the problem that should be treated, it’s the person within his or her social environment.

We would like to distinguish ourselves in the psychological landscape by recognizing the importance of the psychologists’ background. It is our belief that therapy and mental care should only be offered by qualified practitioners to be able to guarantee the quality of our care. It is therefore a requirement for everyone working at PC Fundamenta to have had training in the field of psychology and behavior science.

Every therapeutic intervention in our center is derived from concrete and replicated scientific research. We are proud to be able to explain the processes underlying a problem after an analysis of a person and his or her environment. This approach allows us to work together with a patient on new and tailor-made solutions. We cannot offer a cut and dried solution for the problems we treat, but we do offer a solid framework and approach to base the therapeutic process on.