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What do we treat?

Psychological Centre Fundamenta deals with various issues and categorizes these into 6 areas.

1. Life problems
This category consists of issues that generally just happen throughout life and impact the quality of your life. This can be many things, from a general sense of unhappiness to going through a divorce or wanting to lose weight.

2. Clinical probems
This category consists of issues that are a functionally diagnosable problem that requires a specific treatment and sometimes even medication. Vague symptoms that would fall under our first category might be precursors of a clinical problem, though this is not a given. These are many and varied and it would take too much time to give an exhaustive list but for this category the most common clinical problems are phobias, panic disorder, depression, chronic pain syndrome, anorexia, dependency on alcohol/drugs/cigarettes, psychosis and delusions. We aim to provide proven treatments tailored to your specific needs for these.

3. Family and Relationship problems
This category consists for problems that come forth from the interaction between two or more people. For what this might entail you might for example think of relationship counselling to better a relationship that is in a rough patch or in order to facilitate a breakup/divorce so that the people involved part on the best terms possible. Another example would be when a family is dysfunctional due to tension between parents and children or if there are issues involved in raising the family.^

4. Adolescents
Our last category is an age specific. This category is for teens starting at the age of 14, as often when dealing with problems fitting the first or second category the treatments involved for teens are then those that would be used for adults. And often their problems involves elements specific to their age such as bullying, depression, problems with food, auto mutilation, problems at school and deviant behaviour.

5. Children
Recently PCFundamenta has started offering therapy for children and parents after employing a new staff member. We target typical problems that children and their parents meet during childhood development. Some specific disorders come to mind when discussing this subject like behaviour and social problems, potty training and anxiety> We also offer treatment for psychiatric disorders like ADHD, autism spectrum disorder and fobic or depressive behavior.

6. Mentally disabled people
Mentally disabled people are often faced with the same problems as their non-disabled peers but do require a psychologist that has experience with them. It is important to have the ability to distinguish between normal slightly deviant behavior and mental problems. Usually the therapy itself closely resembles therapy for non-disabled adults.